In an age where video screens and consumerism hold our children captive, it’s refreshing to see kids actually outdoors, exercising their muscles, their minds, and their spirits, AND engaged in FACE-TO-FACE relationships with other kids, adults and creatures as well. They remind me of my little buddy Conor and his sister Samantha who lived next door to me in Wisconsin.

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Answer this question… Why are these nine kids outside playing together – and I see them every day – while your kids and grandkids are locked into a video screen with plugs in their ears?

I actually saw six little kids playing touch football on a side street THREE times last week while I walked Clarence.

As I pass the kids in my neighborhood, they actually say ‘hello’ and acknowledge my existence. I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that their attention is on the world around them, not on a digital image that is locked on a screen.

“Can I pet your dog?” one asks.

“Sure,” I answer, and play stops for a minute or two while each moves in to pet Clarence. I have yet to figure out who loves it more, the kids or Clarence.

I love the kids in my neighborhood. They will not allow me to forget what being human is really about!

Staying Human
art by
Kyle T. Webster

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