Vision Quest, part I

According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, a Vision Quest is a solitary vigil by an adolescent Native American boy to seek spiritual power and to learn through a vision the identity of his guardian spirit.

Native Americans believe that each human is put on this earth for a special reason.  That reason is not always clear to us.  Each of us strives — or should strive — to know what we need to accomplish in this life for our highest benefit, which will benefit the world.  Native Americans believe that the Vision Quest can reveal life’s purpose.  The Vision Quest is a turning point in the life of a young man to find himself and his intended spiritual and life direction. vision quest

The Vision Quest is a difficult journey that takes us into the core of our being.  It is not to be taken frivolously or in a half-hearted way.

I was not aware of the Vision Quest when I was a young boy.  I believe the time is now!

The reasons for tVM’s posts on Vision Quest will become clearer in future posts.  For now, I will conclude with the words from Hosea that I read every day when I sit in the quiet of my church in the desert:

“The Desert will lead you to your heart were I will speak.”

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