OHaitiur Barefoot School has not had a functional toilet since we moved in last summer.

Hygiene is as important as food and knowledge, particularly in an environment like Cité Soleil which has been experiencing a cholera outbreak in recent months.

We have many things to focus on at our Barefoot School.  Justin and Benoit wisely suggested this week that we install a toilet and repair the cement in front of our building that is causing a sewage problem and potential health problems.  We are moving forward on both issues.

out with the old
in with the new

This morning, Justin sent me a picture of the toilet we have purchased and will install and wrote, “Do you know that this is the first time they [the students] will go to the toilet on something new.  The majority toilet on the street, that is something the teachers try to make them understand to do not toilet on the street.”  This will be an important lesson for the children to learn.

crowded classroom

It will be a challenge.  This morning, we have 172 students.  That is a lot of students to share one toilet.

We take much for granted in America.  I suspect that most people who read this post live in a home or apartment with at least two toilets, and those two toilets serve fewer than 10 people.

Count your blessings and pray for those less fortunate.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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