The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours

Our Vitruvian Man website has promoted prayer and spiritual thought since its inception in 2011 with our first post “The Fuel That Runs the Universe.”

Prayer has been a daily part of my life since I was a child when my mother instructed my brother and me to kneel at our bedsides as far back as I can remember.  Through the many decades since, the more I age, the more I have been drawn to spiritual contemplation, meditation, and prayer.

For the past 10 years, I have collected many ‘spiritual thoughts’ that settle my mind and give me guidance.  Ten years ago, I had plans to create a prayer book to encourage prayer.  In January 2021 – inspired by an email from an old friend – I decided that this year would be the year to do it.  I assembled 84 ‘writings’ to share.  The result is The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours.

The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours is available now at Amazon and other online book retailers.

The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours is not intended for a single read.  It is structured to be read – and re-read – daily.  I invite you to join me in making prayer a daily activity.  It will bring peace to you, your family and friends, and to the world we share with ALL creation.

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  1. Inspiring and uplifting
    collection that creates
    awareness of our oneness and humanity.