Early in the week, I read an interesting piece on the Spirituality and Practice website entitled, “The First Stone or Hypocrite Stone.”  It is an unique practice presented by Tom Cowan.  I do not know Tom Cowan, but his suggestion makes perfect sense to me…

“… carry a small stone in your pocket or purse and call it the First Stone or the Hypocrite Stone. When you find yourself criticizing others for lying or misrepresenting the truth, reach into your pocket and turn the stone three times, recalling that no matter how reprehensible the speaker is, you are not worthy to cast it.”

That, my friends is powerful stuff!

Finding the First Stone

This morning as Mrs. tVM and I hiked the Picture Rock Wash in search of Jojoba nuts – and we found plenty – each of us continually scanned the ground before us.  We’ve had good rain in the Sonoran Desert over the last week.  Whenever that happens, the wash always looks different, and there are new things to find.  After one mile, I stopped and stared at the ground.  Then I bent over and picked up a stone.  “This is it,” I said aloud.  “This will be my ‘first stone.’”

First Stone

By the time we returned, each of us had a ‘first stone’ in our pockets to remind us that neither of us is worthy to cast it.

I encourage you to take a walk today or tomorrow and look for your ‘first stone.’  It is there waiting for you to remind you that none of us is worthy to cast it.  When you find it, keep it handy… on your desk, in your pocket, on your nightstand… wherever you need it to be to continually remind you of the truth.

Pass this on …

Please pass the word on this.  If we are lucky, it may get into the hands of all our misled politicians — and please don’t fall into the trap of making distinctions by political party — and even into the hands of the too many people on Earth who still think that conflict is the way to peace.

Seek it and you shall find it!

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  1. Now here is a very effective spiritual practice ! Splendid exercise for me.( Your stone doesn’t quite have the defined fingers on the cover of your The Hamsa!)