An original post from our first year in June 2011, we consider this message so valuable and so appropriate to life on earth today that we are posting it again with the hope that more and more people will apply its wisdom


The Zia Indians are descendants of the Pueblo tribes who inhabited the four corners region of the Southwest United States where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah converge at a single point.  the Zia migrated to Northwest New Mexico in the 13th century.  While the Zia Indians are known for their beautiful pottery, our Vitruvian focus is on their belief that all of life emanates from four sacred obligations:

  • a strong body
  • a clear mind
  • a pure spirit and
  • a devotion to the welfare of others

The Zia believe the number four (4) is a sacred number, and it is the key element of their sacred sun symbol, which is featured on the state flag of New Mexico.  The Zia Sun Symbol is a red circle with four sets of four lines or rays pointing in four directions.  It is a common decoration on Zia pottery and ceremonial vases.  Subordinate to the four sacred obligations are four other elements embodied in the sun symbol:

  • the four points of the compass: north, south, east and west
  • the four seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn, and winter
  • the four periods of each day: morning, noon, evening and night
  • the four seasons of life: childhood, youth, middle years and old age

As the sun rises tomorrow morning — whether in a clear or cloudy sky, be the day cold or warm — concentrate for a few minutes on the Zia sun symbol and commit yourself to the four sacred obligations:

a strong body

a clear mind

a pure spirit and

a devotion to the welfare of others

Consider how much better the world would be if everyone on the planet was committed to these obligations.  Concentrate on how the concepts embodied in the Zia sun symbol are timeless and can be found at the core of moral and ethical values of so many cultures around the world.  The four obligations can unify the human race.  Live the obligations as you search for Kalos Kagathos and TEACH THIS TO YOUR CHILDREN!  We ARE stardust and we CAN find our way back to the garden!

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