We keep the faith.  We know there is a way and with God’s grace, we will find it.

Within 24 hours of yesterday’s post searching for support for our summer camp in Haiti next month, another Samaritan – husband and wife – contacted us and volunteered to financially sponsor the complete camp.  Their generosity enables us to preserve a reasonable account balance so that we are well-positioned to begin a new school year in September.

from our 2017 camp

As we wrote yesterday, in the wake of continued gang violence in Haiti, the purpose of the camp is to keep the kids away from the gangs and gang wars in Cité Soleil.  The camp will enable us to keep our eyes on the children and monitor them throughout the summer.

haitiWe plan to host 165 children five days each week from August 1 through August 20 from 0830 to 1230.  Each child will receive a cup of milk and bread when he arrives in the morning, and we will provide a hot meal to each child when she departs at the end of the day.

As we’ve written many times over the years, we were born with original goodness.  It is in our DNA.  In moments like this when old friends extend the helping hand we need that I am certain that the good will prevail.

helping hand

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. Praise God for this couple. I think God has His hand on this whole initiative. Pray for leaders and influencers among this group of young people.