The Strength of the Human Spirit

I will admit that there are times when I doubt the strength of the human spirit. That may have something to do with all the nonsense the news and social media assaults me with throughout the day. But as the sound of rattling sabers and the rhetoric of all the expert non-experts on any and every topic that may generate vague interest threaten to ruin my day, something inevitably happens to restore my faith in the human being.

Keeping Kids Active

Yesterday, I posted a plea for donations to support a field trip for 150 Haitian kids who live in the very heart of darkness. My friends at the Guepard Boxing Club in Cité Soleil are running a summer camp to keep the children active, off the streets and out of trouble until school starts in September. They are doing excellent work. They have proposed a field trip to take the children to the National Museum in Port-au-Prince. This would be quite an event for these children who have not seen the outside of the difficult environment they live in. I followed the post with 200 emails.

Halfway Home

Within minutes, my two youngest sons responded with donations. That was a good sign, and I am proud of my boys. Gail Megaloudis Rongen – Chairman of the Board of the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation – and I waited expectantly. Gail and I share the same passion for our Haitian friends and the children they serve. By 9AM this morning, others had stepped up and raised the total to $450, halfway to our $900 goal that we require to stage the event.

You Can Help

If you would like to help us support the field trip of 150 Haitian children to the National Museum on Port-au-Prince, please click on the ‘Donate’ button. All donations are processed through the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. Please donate and help us help people help themselves. We are halfway there. Every dollar will help.

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  1. Randy Leavitt says:

    Keep this effort in front of us. It can change an entire country. It is well worth it.

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