The Streets Belong to the People

Despite the billions of dollars poured into Haiti by well-intentioned NGO’s, Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince is the largest city in the world without a sewage system. You can include Cité Soleil, home to the Guepard Boxing Club in that unenviable statistic. There is no sewage system save the open, canals that line the streets, filled with brown water, trash and the most unmentionable garbage you can imagine. The situation is at its worst when heavy rains flood the concrete canals and the filth pours into the streets and into homes.

The Choice: Ignore or ACT

While pictures will speak for themselves, if you are inclined to know more, I suggest this July 2017 NPR article. Fair warning, though, it isn’t for the weak at heart or stomach.
With little, if any government money allocated to relieve the problem, the streets belong to the people. Like any situation, one can ignore it, or one can act to change it, for better or for worse.

Over the weekend, the managers of GBCCS and their young boxing protégés attacked the streets of Cité Soleil with brooms and buckets, choosing to act and make a difference rather than to ignore. While what they can accomplish may equate to a literal drop in the bucket, the heroes of Guepard and the children they serve will not shy away from the task at hand.

Inspiration Flows Both Ways

One thing that motivated the group to make the effort is the impending trip of Gail Megaloudis Rongen, Chairman of the Board of the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation. This will be Gail’s first trip to Haiti since she and 15 other people made the decision to support the young boxers.

“There is risk when you decide to donate directly to those in need,” Gail explains, “And it requires trust – often blind – in the people you are working with. I trust these young men, and I applaud what they are doing for their community.”

It is very interesting to see how inspiration flows both ways. These young men and the children they work with have inspired Gail to step forward in support of their efforts to make their community a better place. All the while, her upcoming trip to Haiti has inspired the children to take to the streets and do their best to make Gail’s trip a bit better.

Please don’t hesitate to click the donate button if you would like to help these kids as they choose to make the world a better place.

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