There is no better month than September, the month when green leaves give way to pale yellow, then blush in vibrant red and orange.  Black-eyed Susan’s wilt with little thought to their future resurrection.  The change has little to do with temperature, rather, because the earth tilts its axis 23.5 degrees to its orbital plane while completing its 365-day journey around the sun.  I look forward to autumn every year.

There is no better place for me to celebrate the sanctity of the seasons than on the river.  It took me a lifetime to discover the alluring sound of water running through and over stones made smooth by its constant massage and then to appreciate the silence when the water slows and gives voice to the breath of God rushing through the trees.

The days are warm, some days even hot, the nights always cool when the sun rises later and sets sooner as the autumnal equinox approaches with measured steps that quicken at the bottom of the pendulum’s eternal swing.

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  1. OOOOOMMMMM oh yes! Autumn is a living sign a God/in/allthings/ and all things/ in God.
    Happy Autumn,! Michelle