Early this week, I took a 1,200-mile road trip with my dog Clarence.  I came within a breath of losing my life and taking Clarence with me.  Please read this post so that you can save your life…

Distracted by the Cell Phone

Not a particular fan of cell phones, I was using Google Maps to find my way to my final destination in rural Indiana.  No doubt due to my own ignorance, I got turned around once trying to follow the directions.  With that faux pas behind me, I was paying more attention to the map.  I placed the phone on the dashboard of my Ford Escape, but I had to pick it up to read it.  I had to be careful picking it up because more than once, I activated a button or app because I mishandled it.  That, in turn, caused more confusion as I had to find my way back to the map.

Within 10 miles of my final destination, as I traveled down a two-lane road, the phone rang.  Typically, as I picked it up, I hit the wrong button and found myself searching for a way to answer the phone.

My guardian angel was with me.  I glanced up to find myself in the oncoming lane on a collision course with another vehicle no doubt traveling 55mph like I was.  We both swerved violently to avoid the imminent head-on collision that I am certain would not have left survivors.  I glanced in my rearview mirror and offered the first of many prayers of thanks, this one for the occupants of the other vehicle who – undoubtedly as frightened and scared as I was – had escaped and were back in their lane moving safely on.

I do not exaggerate when I say I avoided the collision within a single breath.  It was that close.

Saved by My Guardian Angel

I learned a major lesson that day at that moment.  I share it with you in the hope that you will never experience what I did because you were distracted by your cell phone.  I am most ashamed of the fear I instilled in the occupants of the other vehicle.

After staring at the ‘driver mode’ app on my phone, I have finally activated it.  I suggest that you do the same.  No text and no phone call is too important to risk your life or someone else’s life on.  I hope this post can help you to save your life by avoiding the situation I found myself in.

When I thank God, I am not using the words as a figure of speech.  I mean it as I say it.  He has wizened me through the experience and I am blessed to be paired with a guardian angel who takes his job very seriously.

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