Raising Decent Human Beings

Mrs. tVM and I have raised four children, three sons and one daughter.  They are good people, and each makes the world a better place in his or her own way.

Recently, middle son Brad participated in a podcast on Mathew Blades’ website “Learn from People Who Lived It.”  According to the website,

Learn From People Who Lived It is a weekly broadcast that touches people around the world by sharing unimaginable stories. To help face our fears. Own our missteps. Discover new ways of thinking and being to help forgive, accept, and alleviate stress. Tune in and lean in to experience personal growth. Gain greater understanding and compassion to help you live better.

Learn from People Who Lived It

Brad was joined on the podcast by Jennifer Fink, author of Building Boys: raising great guys in a world that misunderstands males.  I found the discussion lively and insightful, so much so that I sent an email link to a select group of friends after listening to it.  Feedback has been so positive that I decided to share it on my website.  I hope you find value in it.

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  1. These are important conversations, and they should be normalized so that people don’t hesitate to have them. Thanks for sharing!