Patrice Millet

Many years ago during a trip to Haiti, I had the pleasure and honor of sharing dinner with Patrice Millet, a CNN Hero of the Year in 2011.  As we chatted over dinner, Patrice told me the final thing he did every day with the children and young people he worked with was to pray.

On that same trip, I met the young men we work with at the Guepard Boxing Club of Cité Soleil, GBCCS.

Prayer before a meal at the Barefoot School

Prayer has been an integral, essential, and important part of our programs at GBCCS.  The children, students, and staff pray before every meal.  I see, hear, and feel the sincerity and intensity of their prayers in the pictures and videos I receive throughout the week.

Prayer has been an important part of my life and influenced me to publish The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours in 2021.

Yesterday afternoon, my soul was lifted when my middle son sent me this photo of my granddaughter leading her high school softball team in prayer.  I truly believe her action and the willingness of her team to participate represents a genuine step that young people are taking to ‘return to the good.

As Joni Mitchell told us in her song “Woodstock,”

“We are Stardust, We are Golden
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the Garden.”

Joni Mitchell

It is in our DNA to do the right thing, and my granddaughter and her teammates are proving it.  Bless her school and the parents of these young ladies by not interfering and allowing them to do it.

Mitakuye Oyasin

Joni Mitchell sings “Woodstock” 1970

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  1. Geno,
    Jack and Sally Barton are visiting us and I was telling Jack all you do for Haiti children. We decided we would come and visit sometime in the next year. Thanks for your blogs!

  2. I’m so thankful that our paths crossed. You inspire me more with every post you share. Thank you, my friend. You are an amazing soul. ♥️

  3. This was a thrilling post for me. There are some really dedicated young people out there who should be recognized and celebrated.