Sometimes, all you need is one day.

After a week or two of unseasonably cold weather, yesterday was the perfect autumn day. Beautiful sunrise, clear blue sky, 50-degree temps, nary a breeze and life around me bursting with color. All it takes is a single day like that to confirm the existence of a Creator, a Great Spirit who put this boundless universe in motion with a single, unspeakable and unknowable word.

Today is windy. I will not take it for granted because in that wind is the breath of God. I hear it as the Mystery speaks to me from the shivering leaves.

The leaves turn brown and fall. As they do, they reveal the naked seeds that still cling to the branches only for a few more days before they too fall to the ground with the promise of new and continued life.

The north wind will bring the snow and cold, and that too will be a blessing not to be taken for granted. For now, I will enjoy this day. You should, too.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. Love this, my friend. I like to see the leaves that have fallen and believe they are dancing before coming to rest. It’s a glorious time of year! Blessed be!