Last month, we suggested that the simple act of greeting your fellow man each day with a smile on your face is one of the most important acts you can accomplish.

I’ve since crossed paths with the greeting “Namaste” from the Indian sub-continent.  Pronounced “NAH-mah-stay” with the emphasis on the first syllable, it can be translated in a number of ways.  Wiktionary offers this literal translation, “I bow to you.”

“Namaste” is a greeting of respect, and those who exchange it bow with their hands together and fingers pointed heavenward.  In India, the gesture is often performed without words and it is universally understood.  The thought I believe the word and action best express is

“I salute the God within you.”

Regardless of the interpretation, to express “Namaste” is to acknowledge the dignity of our fellow man.  We must ingrain this practice within ourselves and within the children who follow us.  Humankind will take a giant step forward when all creatures openly and joyously acknowledge that God’s pure spirit resides in each of us.  Spread the word and free the angel!


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  1. Have also heard that Namaste translates to “God within me bows to God within you.” ’tis a lovely word, thanks for reminding me — I tend to have to relearn ! things.