In 2023, we enter our 13th year publishing the Vitruvian Man website, and we remain committed to the two most important stories in all of literature:  the story of the good Samaritan and the story of the adulterous woman.  We are obligated to be our brother’s keeper to ensure that all life matters.  We must never forget that no one is without fault… “Neither do I condemn you.  Go your way and sin no more.”

Jesus heals the leper

Given the physical challenges that surfaced in 2022, we’ll add a third, crucial story, the story of the leper and Jesus.  “If you choose, you can make me clean,” the leper states with unwavering conviction.  Jesus chooses to make the leper clean.  Faith is at the core of healthcare.  We’ve learned that it is important to practice ‘sick-care’ as well, but a doctor can do nothing without your faith.

Always make prayer a part of your life.  Pray for peace and pray for children.

“Prayer is the presence that holds harmony in the midst of chaos.  Every time you pray, you add to the light and harmony of creation.  If you do not pray, if you do not believe in prayer, then you are living off the prayers of other people.”
John O’Donohue, 1956 – 2008

In his 2013 exhortation, Evangelii Gaudiumthe Joy of the Gospel – Jorge Bergoglio [Pope Francis] tells us,

“An authentic faith… always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values [and] to leave this earth somehow better than we found it.”

We agree.  tVM chooses to make his stand in the poorest, most violent ghetto in the western hemisphere, Cité Soleil, Haiti.  We are our brother’s keepers.

Be Kind

Mitakuye Oyasin

Be a Vitruvian Man,

Be a Noble Person!


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  1. I have read Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis. It is a terrific exhortation. I have attended some meetings related to the New Evangelization in the Catholic Church and am active with an ACTS retreat men’s group in San Antonio. The ACTS retreat ministry started in San Antonio. I have seen some radical changes in men’s lives who have attended these retreats. It is open to Catholic and non-Catholic people. I also regularly communicate with some former co-workers who serve with Emmaus Journey out of Albuquerque, NM.