As time passes, I become more grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon me through the grace of God.  Many of those blessings come from people, some I know, others may be strangers, but their positive effect on my life is undeniable… like the grace of God.

Ten years ago, a young attorney friend who I coached when he was a young man in St. Louis introduced me to the Pray-as-you-go website.  He told me it is produced by the Irish Jesuits.  Visiting that website and listening to its daily meditation is my first act of every day.

My second daily act is to Light a Candle.  Often, my candle represents my gratitude for a blessing bestowed upon me.  There are other days when I ask for something special.  On those days when nothing special enters my mind, I smile and remember the time-tested Harry Chapin song “There’s a Lot of Lonely People Tonight,” and I light my candle ‘for all the lonely people tonight.’  Regardless, I have purpose early every morning when I light my candle.

Because the practice has evolved into such an important part of my daily regimen, I am recommending it to those who find their way to our Vitruvian Man website.  I have placed a permanent link to the candle-lighting page I use on the home page of the site that you can access by clicking the ‘About this Project’ link on the navigation bar and scrolling to the bottom.

In time, I hope you will make the candle-lighting practice a part of your life.  Regardless, you can always find it here when you need it.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. I like those disciplines. One of the things I do daily now is read the morning and evening prayers on