Let There Be Peace on Earth

God created the universe for Creation to enjoy, not destroy.


As the Christian world prepares to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, we take note of the fact that — according to Wars in the World.com updated November 29, 20011 — 56 countries on planet Earth are engaged in conflict.  That’s over one-quarter of the nearly 200 countries that claim independent sovereignty.

We’ve left the “Biggest Problem Facing the World” poll open.  While the numbers vary, ‘ignorance’ has been at the top of the list since day one. Humankind wars and destroys its environment because of ignorance.  As a race, we simply ignore the fact that God created the universe for Creation to enjoy, not destroy.  If we align our minds to that simple truth, we can change the world.  I agree with Tom Shadyac’s core premise in his film “I AM:”  it’s in our genes to get along and to cooperate.  If we preface every decision we make with this question, “Is the choice I make in concert with God’s will,” we greatly increase the probability of making good choices that will promote peace on Earth in accordance with God’s original plan.  If we ignore that qualifier — is this decision, choice and/or action consistent with God’s will — we’ll plod along and watch those numbers at ‘Wars in the World’ increase while our planet crumbles around us.

As British philosopher, historian and Nobel Prize winning author Bertrand Russell once said, “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.”

So what can I do about it?  What can I do to encourage and promote peace on Earth?  More people than fewer would likely answer, “Nothing … there’s nothing you can do about it.”  I can’t accept that.  “Doing ‘nothing’ about it” and simply watching and reading the ‘bad’ news and resolved that there is nothing I can do about it, is not consistent with God’s will …

I’ve evolved into an apolitical person and firmly believe Henry David Thoreau’s statement in 1848, “That government is best which governs least.”  Too bad America didn’t listen to him.  With that thought in mind and not to ignore the unfortunate realities of the world, I sent a letter to the President of the United States earlier this week.  In part it read,

“The Lord is God, the Lord is one … there is no God but God …”  It makes no difference which religion you practice or that you even practice religion.  God’s will — like truth — is universal.  God wills peace on Earth, peace in the universe and peace for all Creation.  Mr. President, align your will with God’s will.  Put war and conflict behind you… Let there be peace on Earth for all of creation.  Make that your commitment and the driving force behind every decision you make today, tomorrow and forever.

I plan to send that letter to as many heads of state and leaders of organizations engaged in conflict as I can gain access to.  I’m not crazy, I’m obligated.

Let There Be Peace on Earth

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  1. “Aren’t humans amazing? They kill wildlife – birds, deer, all kinds of cats, coyotes, beavers, groundhogs, mice and foxes by the million in order to protect their domestic animals and their feed.

    Then they kill domestic animals by the billion and eat them. This in turn kills people by the million, because eating all those animals leads to degenerative – and fatal – health conditions like heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and cancer.

    So then humans spend billions of dollars torturing and killing millions more animals to look for cures for these diseases.

    Elsewhere, millions of other human beings are being killed by hunger and malnutrition because food they could eat is being used to fatten domestic animals.

    Meanwhile, few people recognize the absurdity of humans, who kill so easily and violently, and once a year send out cards praying for ‘Peace on Earth.'”

    The good news is that anyone can break this cycle of violence. Each of us has the power to choose compassion. Please visit these websites to align your core values with life affirming choices: http://veganvideo.org & http://tryveg.com