Many years ago, Mrs. tVM read an article praising the health benefits of drinking tea made from lemons and honey.  For at least five years, I have made it a habit to make this tasty concoction and drink a cup daily, most often immediately following my morning bike ride.

Lemons are fortified with Vitamin C and citric acid. Both of these elements boost the immune system and help to fight off the bacteria within your body.  Lemon juice is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains small amounts of B vitamins and potassium.  Lemons also contain beneficial plant compounds like citric acid and flavonoids which may help prevent kidney stones by binding to calcium oxalate crystals and inhibiting crystal growth.  Lemons have the highest amount of this natural kidney stone inhibitor of any citrus fruit.  Some studies have shown that drinking lemon juice and lemonade may reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes and even prevent cognitive decline.

Additionally, the high amount of vitamin C and plant compounds in lemons may help reduce high cholesterol levels as well.  Lemons are high in the antioxidants and other plant compounds that may help reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals.  An excess of free radicals in the body can damage cells and contribute to diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Raw honey is honey that has not been processed or pasteurized in any way. It is cold extracted straight from the hive. Most importantly it is free from antibiotics and has not been infused with any additional flavorings or sweeteners.

Honey lemon water may benefit your digestive health and help you lose weight. It can also be a soothing drink when you are feeling under the weather.

While there are many ‘may’ statements in this dissertation, I am willing to interpret it as ‘CAN,’ and take the chance that by drinking honey lemon tea, I have a strong potential of realizing these health benefits, which are many.

Desert temperatures began to rise last month.  Today’s 4th of July temperature is 103o as I write, and forecast to reach 109o.  While in years past, drinking a hot drink after a ride did not phase me, it occurred to me a week ago that I might consider a ‘chilled’ version similar to an iced coffee.  I have created the perfect drink!

Late every afternoon,

  1. I boil water
  2. slice up a whole lemon
  3. cover the bottom of my quart pitcher with honey
  4. add a half-cup of the boiling water and stir to liquify the honey
  5. add my sliced lemon
  6. fill the pitcher to the top with hot water and
  7. allow it to chill overnight in the fridge.

The next morning following my bike ride, I fill a glass with ice and cover it with my honey lemonade.  I can assure you, NOTHING tastes as good and satisfies the thirst after a 90-minute bike ride like this flavorful, tasty, ICE COLD concoction.

If you are looking for a good drink to boost your health while satisfying your thirst, search no more.

When Mrs. tVM calls into the kitchen in the afternoon and asks, “What are you doing in there?”

I answer, “Lemon, honey.”


Mitakuye Oyasin

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