I am partial to the Book of Job in the Old Testament.  Although filled with many themes and interpreted many ways through the centuries, I find it simple and direct:  despite all the misfortunes that Job experiences, he never loses faith – although, at times, he struggles to maintain it.  It is a lesson for mankind.  Keep the faith.

I titled my seventh novel The Faith of Job based on that premise:  despite all the bad things we face, someone, somewhere will always step up and do the right thing… someone always ‘keeps the faith.’

HaitiIn recent years, I have spent some 60 days in Cité Soleil, Haiti, known as the most dangerous ghetto in the Western Hemisphere.  In Cité Soleil, I have seen much misfortune, but I never fail to see faith.  I see it most often in the children’s faces.

A few weeks ago, I detailed a plan to feed 180 children, four meals each week.  That plan will not be fully operational until late spring 2021.  My friend Justin and the children in Haiti wait patiently.

I spoke with another new friend yesterday, Kevin Joslyn who recently started For the Love of Goodness Foundation in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts, near Springfield.  Kevin’s young foundation is small.  He raises enough money to pay the rent on Justin’s training facility with some money left over to feed what children they can.  It is not a lot, and it is not nearly enough.

HaitiWhile my friend Dwight and I create the Faith of Job Garden to support Justin’s program in Haiti, I try to raise money to supplement Kevin’s contribution so that the children Justin serves can have a reliable program they can count on now without having to wait six months for our crops to come in.

At the beginning of December, Kevin was able to send Justin $1,000.  That act of goodness has enabled Justin to feed children in December.  We want to continue that, but that is only possible if we can get more help.

If you are interested in this project, please email me at ‘eskraay-at-eskraay-dot-com’ – or use the contact form below – and I will communicate with you directly about how we can work together to make the world a better place to be… child by child.

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