Jimmy Stewart, Beau and Heaven

Last Sunday, my friend Father Charlie gave a ‘remarkable’ homily about a ‘remarkable fellow.’  His sermon was grounded in the 1927 silent film “7th Heaven.”  I did my research and found “7th Heaven” on YouTube.  I learned that there is a 1937 remake with Jimmy Stewart.  Both versions are available on YouTube.

Last night, Mrs. tVM and I watched the Jimmy Stewart remake [we use Chromecast so we can put it on our TV].  What a terrific film about a ‘remarkable fellow.’

Mr. Stewart plays Chico, an atheist who comes to the aid of a beautiful young woman.  Set in WWI era Paris, life is tough, but Chico always looks on the bright side of things.  That’s all you need to know.

Early this morning, I dug a little deeper into the film and into the life of Jimmy Stewart, himself quite a ‘remarkable fellow.’  My search led me to a poem he wrote and read on the Johnny Carson Show in 1981.  The title of the poem is “I’ll Never Forget a Dog Named Beau.”  Watch it here, and you won’t forget it either.

A final word … As Chico says, “Don’t look down … LOOK UP!”  

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