It is easy to fall into a funk when one encounters physical and mental difficulties.  The more severe the difficulties, the easier it is to succumb to the darkness. 

My daughter and two grandsons came to visit this week.  When she asked, “How are you?” I broke down for the first time in a while.  After a few deep breaths, I took my advice and managed to say, “If I was any better, I’d be George Clooney.”

I join two good friends – both classmates and one a teammate – from over 50 years ago who are battling cancer.  Their journeys will not be easy, more challenging than mine.  I am glad they are both men of strong faith.

This morning as I prayed for them and prayed for myself, I read another perfect prayer from scripture.  God continues to send me overt messages when I need them most, this one, the daily quote from the Hallow website, which I began visiting several weeks ago.  I extend this message to you and all of us who walk challenging paths.  From the second Book of Kings, Chapter 20, Verse 5, God’s message to the ailing King Hezekiah delivered by the prophet Isaiah…

“I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Now I will heal you.”

“I have heard your prayer;

I have seen your tears.

Now I will heal you.”

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  1. I awoke this morning feeling challenged by a sense of losing Hope.
    I have not experienced this sense of lose for many months.
    I pray, “ I have heard your prayer. I have seen your tears. Now I
    will heal you.”
    Thank you. God is good.

      1. Dear Friend, Why I did not read your reply until a
        half an hour ago, I will never know. I cried after
        reading it….I have been very emotional today, unlike
        me. I realize I must pray for patience….I will.
        Dzieki Boże. Teresa

  2. What a wonderful verse…. And We’re counting on That Gene, as we keep You in Our daily prayers !! So Great you got to visit with Stephanie, and her handsome boys !! Bet Marie loved that as well !! I’m Tucking HUGS and PRAYERS for Both of YOU…. From Both of Us, And also for All your Large and Loving Clan ! We Sure Do LOVE YOU

  3. I had heart surgery 8 years ago. I had a bad aortic valve. I have a tissue valve now. The medical people at the VA told me that research shows these tissue valves last 15 years. I immediately thought about Hezekiah when I heard the number 15. One of the lessons I have thought about in regards to Hezekiah and Uzziah, an earlier king of Judah, in their later years is the importance of humility before God. I meditate on 1 Peter 5:6 regularly: “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” It sounds like God Himself is speaking to you through His Word. That may be the most important thing right now is to listen to what God is saying to you.