“O Lord, hear my prayer and let my cry come unto you.”
Psalm 102

As a daily Mass attendee for six years, I’ve recited Psalm 102 many times as a responsorial psalm to daily readings.  I thought about it this week when my friend Justin posted this picture from our kitchen in Cité Soleil, Haiti.

I often wonder at pictures of children in distant countries holding signs written in English.   You’ll not find that in Haiti.

Because we work closely with these children through our association with Guepard Boxing Club [GBCCS], I wanted to know what message these children were sending to those who would pay attention and heed.

Although I always armed myself with the basics and reviewed them constantly when I visited Haiti, I am not fluent in Haitian creole.  I rely on Google Translate, which has evolved considerably through the years.

To help put this picture in perspective for those who don’t read creole… “Nou vle viv tankou moun” means “We want to live like human beings.” “Nou vle viv nan lape” means “We want to live in peace.”

As the meaning of the words became clear, I realized that these children – and people like my friend Justin who inspire them to believe in these words – speak not just for Haiti, but for the entire world.

“We want to live like human beings.”

“We want to live in peace.”

Mitakuye Oyasin

Our plea for support in July enabled us to raise nearly $3,500, which enables our friends at GBCCS to continue feeding nearly 200 children in Cité Soleil four days each week.  We are funded through October, and The Haiti Project farm in Arizona has started to produce crops.  In July, we sold $90 at market.  We will approach $200 in August.

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  1. What “Beautiful little Spirits” you are helping to nurture !! THANK YOU, Gene, for all your hard work in that “Garden of Hope” you so
    religiously tend….It’s such an Awesome Idea !! God Bless your endeavors ! ❤️❤️
    Love, Bette and Ernie

    1. Bette and Ernie, Thank you for your continued support. It is people like you who keep the flame burning. There is a light in the heart of darkness.