My father would have celebrated his 97th birthday today.  As it is, he passed peacefully in his sleep in his own bed on June 3, 2015.  My father was a good man, worked hard, cared for his family and was honest.  Earlier this year, I posted his ‘obituary’ on my other website.  It is a manuscript I found that he had written many years ago.  You may read it here if you would care to.

My father loved the outdoors, more after he retired in 1976 and shared a farm with me and my family in Holland Patent, New York.  He enjoyed physical labor and working with his hands.  As Clarence and I enter our third week of living on the hill, I reflect fondly on my father and his love of the land.  Many times as I sweat profusely sitting on a log I am preparing to split, I smile knowing my father would be pleased to see me out in the woods by myself cutting wood for the winter like he and I so often did in Upstate New York.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  I finally figured it out.

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