With sadness and regret, and after much consultation with my close circle of friends, I must report that I no longer have the physical and mental strength to continue our work in Haiti. 

I hoped that by this time – a full 8 weeks after my final chemotherapy infusion – that I would feel some relief from its effects, but that has not been the case.

We have worked closely with our friends in Cité Soleil for 7 years, since 2016.  Thanks to 35 generous donors and a group of heroes in Haiti, we managed to keep hundreds of children and young people out of harm’s way and away from the influence of gang rule that has taken over the country.  This month, we conclude our second full year of the Barefoot School and the Alphabet School, an adult literacy center.

Those 7 years have taught me that the work we performed takes unwavering commitment and physical and mental strength beyond that which I currently possess.

I thank our many supporters and pray to God that he shields the people of Haiti from suffering or grants them the strength to bear it.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  2. Oh SO sad to hear this news, Gene !! You are such a Fighter that I’m sure if You Could….You Would continue sharing your graciously God Given Talent for such a worthy cause ! God Bless You for All you have accomplished !! We are honored to be a tiny part of it !! NOW, Please use your Time and Strength to take Care of YOU… For Marie and All of Us who Care for, and are PRAYing for YOU !! WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH, Bette and Ernie

    1. Please don’t be sad. I am grateful for the continued support I get from family and friends just like you, and from all my friends – men, women, and children – in Haiti. Although I have my moments of weakness, I thank Gof that he gives me the stgrength to bear this and that he has surrounded me with a strong support group of family and friends. Keep the faith!

  3. Your last sentence says it well. Commend the work in Haiti to the Lord. You are not saying this, but there is a difference between giving up the work in Haiti because of physical limitations and giving up on life. You may need to adjust expectations about what the future holds. While we have breath, we have hope.

  4. Depi 2016- 2023 (7 ane) nou fyè pou di nou genyen GENE kòm zanmi, kolaboratè, sipòtè GBCCS ak BAREFOOT SCHOOL, se yon nouvèl ki vrèman tris pou kominote mwen an Cite Soleil (Haiti), aprè anpil efò ak enèji ou bay pou travay pozitif n’ap fè pou amelyore kominote nou kont vyolans gang ak analfabetizasyon, malerezman sante ou pa pèmèt ou kontinye ak nou, eksperyans mwen ak GENE pandan 7 ane yo aprann mwen anpil bagay tankou : Leadership, konfyans, Lanmou, Pataj etc….
    N’ap kenbe ou nan lapriyè.
    Nan nom tout timoun nan Cite Soleil (Haiti) nou espere ou gen yon retablisman nan lavi ou.

    1. Thank you for your many kind words, Justin. Together, you and I have worked through many difficult situations on behalf of the children, and I would not trade our friendship for anything. May God bless you, Haiti, and all the people you serve.

    2. From 2016-2023 (7 years) we are proud to say that we have GENE as friends, collaborators, supporters of GBCCS and BAREFOOT SCHOOL, it is really sad news for my community in Cite Soleil (Haiti), after a lot of effort and energy you give to the positive work we are doing to improve our community against gang violence and illiteracy, unfortunately your health does not allow you to continue with us, my experience with GENE for 7 years has taught me many things such as: Leadership, trust, love, sharing etc….
      We will keep you in prayer.
      In the name of all the children of Cite Soleil (Haiti) we hope you have a recovery in your life.