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  1. Losing a parent is one of the most traumatic experiences we face – whether through trauma or through old age. Our souls tell us that they are going before us to their final destination, one that we will take soon enough, away from pain, suffering and infirmity. Our hearts, however, mourn with a sorrow that never goes totally away. The only thing I really know about your father is that his son is an exceptional person. Can anyone leave a better legacy? My thoughts and prayers go with you.

  2. “I hope you have found other compassionate people or creatures to show you your own belovedness. Only then are you prepared to pass the mystery on.” R ROHR TODAY…I’M POSITIVE THAT YOU ARE BELOVED AND PASSING THIS QUALITY FORWARD!

  3. May the better days, the better ways be remembered. You and Marie have done your part, exceptionally so. maw