Within hours of posting our plea earlier this week to support the Barefoot School – our learning center in Cité Soleil, Haiti – I received a call from Gail Megaloudis Rongen, Chairman of the Board of the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation.  I am more than pleased to announce that Gail has authorized the Nicole Megaloudis Foundation to pledge $10,000 to the project to pay for the textbooks the school has selected to support our efforts to help these children build a better future for themselves and generations to come in Haiti and the international community it is a part of.

Gail is joined by a half dozen other first responders that push our total to nearly $14,000 of the $20,000 budget our friends Justin and Apino developed in recent weeks with the help of the school’s principal Abner Cadet.

Gail feeding a newborn in Haiti whose mother died in childbirth

I met Gail six years ago when we traveled to Haiti to assist U.S. soccer international Tony Sanneh with soccer clinics in Cité Soleil.  It was on our third trip in December 2016 that we encountered the men who operate Guepard Boxing Club.  GBCCS was doing the best it could do to help as many children as it could with little if any financial support.

Justin, Gail, and Apino

Six months later, Gail and I agreed to work together to do what we could to help these young champions in their selfless service to the children of the ghetto.  It has been six years, now, and the Barefoot School is our most recent joint effort to make this part of the world a better place to be.

We still need help.  You can learn more about the Barefoot School project here.  If you have the means and the desire to lend your support, please use the contact form below.  We will respond to your questions and comments ASAP.

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