As we conclude 2023, we look forward to 2024, our 14th year publishing the Vitruvian Man website, and we remain committed to the three most important stories in all of literature:  the story of the good Samaritan, the story of the adulterous woman, and the leper’s encounter with Jesus.

These stories teach us and remind us that

  • We are our brother’s keeper.  All life matters.
  • No one is without fault, and everyone is forgiven… “Neither do I condemn you.  Go your way and sin no more.”
  • Faith is at the core of healthcare.  It is important to practice ‘sick care,’ but a doctor can do nothing without your faith.

2023 was filled with challenges – more physical than mental or spiritual – but physical challenge carries peripheral effects on mental and spiritual health.  Thanks to an indomitable support circle of family and friends, we emerged stronger in many ways than when we started.

I am reminded of a study done by the International Committee for the Study of Victimization as Jim Collins explains it in his brilliant book Good to Great (2001).

These studies looked at people who had suffered serious adversity… and survived.  They found that people fell generally into three categories:  those who were permanently dispirited by the event, those who got their life back to normal, and those who used the experience as a defining event that made them stronger.

I claim that my family and friends and I have emerged stronger.

I pray that you can join me as 2023 draws to a close by being grateful for all that we have.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. I’m grateful for all we have; and I’m more than grateful for our friendship. ♥️

  2. Three excellent choices for stories. The word story also seems like an important word that I hear more and more as a means of communicating important principles. James 1:22: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”