Those who follow our website understand our connection with Haiti.  As I worked the farm early yesterday morning, I received a text from my friend Gail Rongen in Florida alerting me to the earthquake that struck the island nation.   Although saddened by the rising death toll, I am relieved to report that late yesterday afternoon, I finally received a message from our friend Justin that he and those he works with in Cité Soleil are safe.

“We are all safe in Cité Soleil, my friend.  In south Haiti, there is alot of death.”

Our work never ends.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. I saw the news the other day about the earthquake, and I thought: “What else can happen?” This is terrible news. I almost immediately thought about the people you are serving there, Gene. How much more suffering is in store for Haiti? The assassination of the president is still fresh in people’s minds.