University of South Florida (USF) soccer player Malani Lee gives us faith, hope and confidence in the future of the world community we exist in.  Amid the tsunami of negative news that assaults us daily, young people like Malani stand up to be counted to let us know the world can be a better place.

Malani with shoes she collected for Haiti

I met Malani three years ago in Haiti.  We worked together with friend Gail Rongen in helping young soccer players at Tony Sanneh’s Haitian Initiative in Cite Soleil.  In 2017 and 2018, Malani helped Gail and me in our work with the young boxers of Guepard Boxing Club in Cite Soleil.  When I met her, Malani was a quiet – almost shy – soft-spoken young lady with an unwavering commitment to help children, a commitment that grew from seeds planted by her father when she was a young girl.

As you will see in this news report from Tampa, Malani continues to broaden her initiatives and takes ‘service to others’ to a new and higher level.

I picked this video up from ABC Action News WFTS in Tampa Bay.




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