I suspected but did not realize the strength and uniqueness of my family until my 70th birthday. I have never been a fan of birthdays, and would just as soon see them pass unnoticed as just another day.  This year, the year of my 70th birthday is different.  Living minimally and hermit-like and off the […]


In 2002, I left corporate America for the first time, returned in 2004 and walked away with finality in 2012.  Although I enjoyed the many trips I made to Latin America with my friend Dwight, I gained little satisfaction from the corporate world, only money.  I left in 2002 with the desire and commitment to […]

Medicine Wheel

In 2010, Ash Wednesday occurred on February 17th. Mrs. tVM and I attended the early morning service at the Redemptorist Renewal Center (RRC) in Picture Rocks, Arizona, 3.5 miles from our home on the edge of the Saguaro National Park to the northwest of Tucson. It was the first Ash Wednesday service I had attended […]

Mail Order Annie

I acquired my first Harry Chapin album in the fall of 1972 when I arrived in Anchorage.  Heads & Tails it was titled.  It was the first of 11 albums Harry would produce over his too-short career that ended tragically in a car accident in May 1981, the same month and year my best friend […]

Happy Birthday, Dad

My father would have celebrated his 97th birthday today.  As it is, he passed peacefully in his sleep in his own bed on June 3, 2015.  My father was a good man, worked hard, cared for his family and was honest.  Earlier this year, I posted his ‘obituary’ on my other website.  It is a […]

Beyond Politics

I saw a bee on a flower this morning and recalled these words from Celtic thinker John O’Donohue… “Animals know nothing of Freud, Jesus, Buddha, Wall Street, the Pentagon or the Vatican.  They live outside the politics of human intention… they already inhabit the eternal… the dignity, beauty, and wisdom of the animal world [is] […]

Gonna Set My Soul Free

Swedish writer and photographer Staffan Widstrand comments, “Many people have experienced for themselves the value of simply walking in nature, how you return feeling refreshed, how your thinking is clearer and you are more balanced.” My personal direct encounters with nature throughout my life verify Mr. Widstrand’s observation. “In a hole in the ground there […]