Solidarity Is Essential

“Spoiler Alert:”  at over 1,000 words, this is one of the longer posts we’ve written.  “Click” the arrows to open comments. Though disheartened when I learned that Goodyear listed “All Lives Matter” as unacceptable as part of its zero-tolerance policy, I take strength that others do believe that all lives matter and consider it a […]

Your Life Matters

Passing through the great room, I glanced at the HGTV show Mrs. tVM was watching this afternoon and noticed that the ‘star’ of show wore a t-shirt that read, “Let Your Smile Change the World.”  Great stuff. Ever since I saw Forrest Gump run cross-country – literally ACROSS the country – I thought Forrest Gump […]

Faith Amid Doubt… Lincoln Still Smiles

The American landscape has changed drastically since I played chip-up baseball with Johnny Senger, Ray “Ping” Connors, the Filio brothers, and a handful of other future big-leaguers from nearby neighborhoods on the vacant lot behind the swamp next to our house on West Housatonic Street.  Kids don’t do that anymore. America has been far from […]


The lawlessness and chaos of recent days are greatly disturbing. Many years ago, I defined my three greatest heroes as Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  They were extremists and the three men have made the most profound and positive impact on humanity since hominids began to walk upright.  Common to each is his […]