Save Your Life

Early this week, I took a 1,200-mile road trip with my dog Clarence.  I came within a breath of losing my life and taking Clarence with me.  Please read this post so that you can save your life… Distracted by the Cell Phone Not a particular fan of cell phones, I was using Google Maps […]


With the Kinnickinnic River a short drive from the house and inspired by the thought that I can take my grandchildren on a grand adventure, I acquired a tandem kayak that is easily converted to a solo kayak.  Grandson Travis will be the first victim, but we will wait until summer vacation in just a […]

Guepard Boxing Club: Helping People Help Themselves

Two weeks ago, we discussed ‘the Education Triangle:’ the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the teacher/school.  We noted that very few parents of the 20 children from Guepard Boxing Club who we send to school in Cité Soleil, Haiti have had formal education.  The role of the guardian under these circumstances becomes one of encouragement because […]