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Kayak Adventure

Earlier this year, I acquired a tandem kayak for the specific purpose of introducing my grandchildren to the activity.  From my outdated perspective, there is far more adventure to be had in a kayak on a river than there is … Continue reading

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Save Your Life

Early this week, I took a 1,200-mile road trip with my dog Clarence.  I came within a breath of losing my life and taking Clarence with me.  Please read this post so that you can save your life… Distracted by … Continue reading

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A Good and Trusted Friend

I’ve been bicycling regularly since May 2009.  I started with a hand-me-down, PoS, and upgraded to a Specialized Globe – the cheapest good bike money can buy – in January 2010.  After logging 28,757 miles, I replaced that bicycle this … Continue reading

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With the Kinnickinnic River a short drive from the house and inspired by the thought that I can take my grandchildren on a grand adventure, I acquired a tandem kayak that is easily converted to a solo kayak.  Grandson Travis … Continue reading

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Spiritual Understanding

In a December 2017 interview with Kozo Hattori and Pavithra Mehta from, Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer said, “A spiritual understanding not practiced under fire is without value.”  This is as profound a statement of spirituality as I have heard.  … Continue reading

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Consecration of the Seed

While I know of no practical reason to change my clock, I made the obligatory ‘spring forward’ when I retired last night. I slept until 6AM, an hour later than I would normally awake, and was greeted with a light … Continue reading

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The Streets Belong to the People

Despite the billions of dollars poured into Haiti by well-intentioned NGO’s, Haiti’s capital city, Port-au-Prince is the largest city in the world without a sewage system. You can include Cité Soleil, home to the Guepard Boxing Club in that unenviable … Continue reading

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For the Minnesota Women’s Soccer Team

Following Minnesota Women’s Soccer premature exit from the Big Ten Tournament, which we won last year, we sit and patiently wait for next week’s selections to the 2017 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship. I have a moment to catch my breath … Continue reading

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Healthcare, Acupuncture and Ice Cream

Time for a new ‘body’ post. As of two weeks ago, I’ve lived 68 full years. I feel good. I have honored my commitment to the whole man, to be sound of mind, body and spirit. The older one gets, … Continue reading

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Children in America No Longer Know How to Play

Silly, but true. I had difficulty falling asleep last night after watching Trinidad and Tobago’s mighty Soca Warriors eliminate the United States of America from the 2018 World Cup. Another mouse roars. I tell myself it’s ‘just a game,’ but … Continue reading

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