“Lemon, Honey!”

Many years ago, Mrs. tVM read an article praising the health benefits of drinking tea made from lemons and honey.  For at least five years, I have made it a habit to make this tasty concoction and drink a cup daily, most often immediately following my morning bike ride. Lemons are fortified with Vitamin C […]

Prayers and Vitamins

Prayers are like vitamins and vitamins are like prayers. I vaguely remember taking One-A-Day vitamins as a child.  You had to swallow them quickly and were in for a nasty surprise if you inadvertently bit into the small pill before you swallowed it.  I clearly remember saying prayers every night as a child kneeling next […]


There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Men’s Basketball Team.  Growing up in basketball-crazed Massachusetts during the Red Auerbach, Bill Russell and John Havlicek days of the Boston Celtics, I followed Jim Boeheim and Dave Bing during their playing years at Syracuse, and I returned to […]


Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss equates ‘glow’ with fervor and joy. This morning, I bask in the glow of accomplishment.  Twenty-five months after writing the first sentence, I can call my seventh novel complete… “Until the railroad comes in 1863, Amersfoort claims nothing of particular importance other than, perhaps, the Tower of Our Lady, one of […]