Over the years, I’ve come to understand that healthcare is a function of eating wisely – also called eating ‘healthily’ – and regular exercise. That said, there are billions on this planet – too many children – who do not have the opportunity to eat healthily or to exercise on an over-priced machine.  There is […]


I learned two new words in 2020, anthropause and Anthropocene. Coined by a group of international researchers in a paper they collaboratively wrote in June 2020, anthropause means “a considerable global slowing of modern human activities, notably travel.”  This is how this group of researchers characterize the international lockdown to control the spread of COVID-19. […]

Faith Amid Doubt… Lincoln Still Smiles

The American landscape has changed drastically since I played chip-up baseball with Johnny Senger, Ray “Ping” Connors, the Filio brothers, and a handful of other future big-leaguers from nearby neighborhoods on the vacant lot behind the swamp next to our house on West Housatonic Street.  Kids don’t do that anymore. America has been far from […]