Solidarity Is Essential

“Spoiler Alert:”  at over 1,000 words, this is one of the longer posts we’ve written.  “Click” the arrows to open comments. Though disheartened when I learned that Goodyear listed “All Lives Matter” as unacceptable as part of its zero-tolerance policy, I take strength that others do believe that all lives matter and consider it a […]

Your Life Matters

Passing through the great room, I glanced at the HGTV show Mrs. tVM was watching this afternoon and noticed that the ‘star’ of show wore a t-shirt that read, “Let Your Smile Change the World.”  Great stuff. Ever since I saw Forrest Gump run cross-country – literally ACROSS the country – I thought Forrest Gump […]

“Lemon, Honey!”

Many years ago, Mrs. tVM read an article praising the health benefits of drinking tea made from lemons and honey.  For at least five years, I have made it a habit to make this tasty concoction and drink a cup daily, most often immediately following my morning bike ride. Lemons are fortified with Vitamin C […]

Faith Amid Doubt… Lincoln Still Smiles

The American landscape has changed drastically since I played chip-up baseball with Johnny Senger, Ray “Ping” Connors, the Filio brothers, and a handful of other future big-leaguers from nearby neighborhoods on the vacant lot behind the swamp next to our house on West Housatonic Street.  Kids don’t do that anymore. America has been far from […]