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The Christmas Story

I first shared this story from Ben-Hur in December 2011, the first Christmas season of our website. Most people — certainly those younger than 60 — may only know “Ben-Hur” as a chariot race that appeared in the 1959 Academy … Continue reading

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Memories of the Spirit

Willie Morris was 61-years old in 1995 when he published My Dog Skip, a memoir of growing up in Yazoo, a small Mississippi town in 1943.  He died four years later, six months before the release of the wonderful film … Continue reading

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To Love Language

Consider a book of poems as something useful and meaningful to give as you ponder your Christmas gift list.  Poetry books are available and appropriate for all ages and genders, and sure to satisfy all spiritual, philosophical, technical and scientific … Continue reading

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To Be Like Stan “the Man” Lee

Iconic storyteller and illustrator Stan “the Man” Lee died last week a following a lifetime of living life fully for nearly 96 years.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Stan “the Man” … Like most young boys in the 50’s, … Continue reading

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Keep Going

Yesterday’s post generated many personal responses that encourage me to offer a bit of clarification … I am disappointed in society and the direction that dualism has taken us as a race.  My disappointment is exacerbated by the abominable condition … Continue reading

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Who Will Take Care of My Dog

I turned 69-years old last September and find myself asking more frequently, “What have I left to do in this throw-away society where relationships and friendships don’t count as much as they used to?”  I am ready to check out.  … Continue reading

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“Thank You for Your Service”

“Thank you for your service” is a popular greeting when people learn that you are a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.  I do not recall that greeting in the 60’s and 70’s when soldiers returned from Viet Nam.  Times … Continue reading

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First Snowfall 2018

Sitting with books and coffee, there is something quite magical about watching the first significant snowfall of the season in River Falls…

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Victory for America

I do not look forward to victory for Republicans or victory for Democrats.  Partisan politics be damned.  Either/or politics is unproductive and counter-productive. During my business travels in Latin America two and three decades ago, a wise Mexican once told … Continue reading

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Thoughtful Writing

We originally posted this one year ago.  I believe it is so important that I am posting it again with the hope that everyone reads it and finds value in it. tvm “In 2015, Public Policy Polling asked a broad … Continue reading

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