Goals have been important to me since I was a young boy.  When I set a goal, I work hard to achieve it and I remain focused upon it.  In May 2009, I began riding a bicycle for the first time since I was a young teenager.  When Mrs. tVM and I returned to the desert in October 2009, I set a personal goal of bicycling 4,000 miles each year.  Mrs. tVM has joined me in my quest.  The only year we didn’t make it was 2014 when I had my second hip replacement.

from Apollo 17

I’d like to say I do it for myself.  Truth be told, I do it to set an example for my family, for my kids and grandkids, for my nieces and nephew and for their kids.  I do it so when I do draw my last breath, it can be said of me, “He died a healthy man.”

I’m pleased to report that this morning, I eclipsed 4,000 miles on my bicycle in 2015 with nearly a full month to go.  Specifically, I’m at 4,017.22 bike miles.  When you add in the 168.37 hiking miles in the desert and the 19.91 swimming miles, Mrs. tVM and I have covered 4,205.5 man-powered miles this year.

The circumference of Earth is 24,901 miles.  My goal is to reach that in 2016 so that I can have ridden my bicycle around the world since counting miles in 2010.  We currently stand at 22,458 miles.  We can do it.

I feel good.

Around the World in Seven Years

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  1. My first experience in Tucson cycling was one of the happiest days of my life. I only wish I could be more disciplined. Every time I ride that little girl comes out.
    Bravo, to you and your family.