Around the World in 6 Years, 9 months and 4 Days

I have been looking forward to this post for quite some time ….

bike1One thing I learned from six years of intense caregiving is that I cannot and should not expect other people to live their lives the way I choose to live mine.  While I used to get po’d at the way people choose to take care of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually, today I breathe deeply and allow them – as I should – their own choices.

I began riding a bicycle with unwavering commitment in January 2010. Nearly seven years ago, I started recording every bicycle mile, hiking mile and swimming mile I accumulated here in the Sonoran Desert.  I chuckle when I told that to an acquaintance who responded, “I really don’t need to do that.”  Six years later, I wonder how many miles that person has ridden, or even walked …. After several years, it occurred to me that I could circumvent Earth on my bicycle IF I held true to my commitment to do it.  That became my goal.

According to Google, the circumference of our planet  is 24,901 miles.

This morning, I completed my mission on an 18.33 mile ride up the Cańada del Oro Wash as I recorded my 24,901st mile since I logged the first 7.73 mile ride on January 1, 2010.

bikeIt is a big deal to me.  There were many days when I could have offered many excuses not to ride, but I did it anyway.  I did it for myself, and I did it as an example for my kids and for my grandchildren.  It is finished.

I will continue to ride, but I am contemplating a new goal as Mrs. tVM and I move north.  I’m thinking Everest, but I don’t think my bike will work on steep snow.  One thing for sure … my first purchase in Minnesota will be snowshoes!

As I learned from Sister Joan Chittister,

“We miss so much of life because we decline to pursue it.”

I will NEVER fall victim to that temptation

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  1. Wow, Gene….Congratulations! That’s quite a feat…. So much dedication!! Good for You !! ❌ ❤️

  2. What a great post. I love the goal setting, the breaking it down into small daily steps, and the commitment. Congratulations, well done