Carl and I have been friends for a dozen years or so.  During that time, I helped him write and manage the website for his homeless shelter in Tucson.  Earlier this year, Carl found his way to Prescott, Arizona.  He called me in September and asked if I could help him with a website for his new venture in Prescott, “Carl’s Corner Service.”  I didn’t have to think twice.

While Carl’s Corner Service provides auto detailing and landscaping service to the Prescott area, my favorite products that he offers are Eastern European cuisine and Southwestern gifts.  I’ve personally feasted on several of his dishes.  Carl loves to cook, and the quality of his meals shows the love and diligence he puts into each dish.

As long as I’ve known him, Carl has produced pastry rolls during the Christmas season.  I focus on them here because he can ship them throughout the continental United States.

I placed an order over the weekend, which arrived today.  He packaged them so well that I didn’t want to disturb the wrapping, but they looked so appealing, Mrs. tVM and I each had a slice of the traditional Polish nut roll.  Incredibly delicious!  It brought back memories of Christmas with my Babcie 60 years ago.

While I invite you to browse through Carl’s Corner website, this link will take you directly to the page to order any of the three varieties of pastry rolls he offers through the Christmas season.  I vouch for the product’s quality, and I am certain you will see they can make a unique gift for anyone on your list, even yourself.

Carl’s pastry rolls are guaranteed to make your Christmas just a little merrier.

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