I am not a fan of social media.  That said, two of my children are, and I read their Facebook entries when they post them.  Middle son Brad posted this today.  I found it to be profound and asked him if I could share it on my website.  He agreed.  I hope you find value in what he writes…

As I reflect on the significance of Resurrection Sunday, I’m moved by the journey it represents in my own life—a journey marked by exploration, understanding, and a deepening connection to my faith. Growing up in Saint Charles, MO, church attendance was an occasional part of our family life, often more associated with the soccer league we played in than regular Sunday worship. My parents have since expressed regrets about not integrating this aspect more fully into our upbringing, but I’ve come to appreciate the freedom it gave me to find my own path to God.

At 42, after exploring the vast tapestry of religious philosophies our world offers, I’ve woven a complex relationship with spirituality. There was a time when I recoiled at the notion of the “Sunday Christian,” whose actions seemed to contradict their proclaimed beliefs. This skepticism led me on a detour through Buddhism, a faith whose principles on living resonated deeply with me and continue to influence my life today.

A lollipop for a little boy as Brad hikes to Machu Pichu

However, the pivotal realization for me has been understanding that the perceived hypocrisy of others holds no power over my personal relationship with God. This insight has been liberating, allowing me to draw closer to my faith on terms that feel authentic and true to me. It’s a relationship that has grown quietly but steadily, unfettered by the judgments or actions of others.

Baptism was a rite I underwent as an infant, a symbolic beginning to a spiritual journey I hadn’t yet chosen. But yesterday, after Resurrection Sunday service, I found myself speaking to my pastor—who has also become my friend—about the desire to explore baptism anew. This time, it would be a conscious choice, a public affirmation of my faith and the path I’ve chosen to walk.

This decision marks not just a moment of personal growth but a milestone in a journey uniquely mine. It’s a testament to the idea that faith is not a static inheritance but a living, breathing entity that grows and evolves with us. I’m proud of the path I’ve walked, with all its twists and turns, for it has led me to a place of deeper understanding and connection.

As I look forward to this next step, I’m reminded of the value in charting our own course, in questioning and seeking, and ultimately finding our way back to what resonates most deeply within us. My journey to this point has been anything but straightforward, yet it’s in this winding path that I’ve found the most profound sense of direction and purpose.

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  1. Brad’s destination is all the more meaningful since He chose the path himself ! What a Beautiful Testament !! He has Great writing skills like his Dad !! Hope YOU are doing well…. Sending our LOVE to ALL !

  2. It looks to me like Brad could also be a writer. Very moving and inspirational statement.

          1. You will forever be brought forward into the next generation through your son’s words.