The Vitruvian Man … Making the World a Better Place to BE

2018 marks the eighth year of The Vitruvian Man website (tVM blog).

As human beings, we have but one choice in life:  to make the world a better place.  There are no other options as we journey — or more often wander — upon our planet through our given time in this universe.

We continue to look beyond the normalcy of the world, a normalcy too often defined by war and materialism, poverty and prejudice, and to seek the wonder and awe that surrounds us every day.  Experiencing moments of awe and wonder take the edge off life, an edge created by humankind in its inattentive ignorance.  Regardless of how we try to control and destroy our planet, we remain surrounded by its infinite beauty.  Look and share those moments of wonder that you encounter.  They surround us if we remain attentive to them.

peace can do betterWe must continue to practice forgiveness, and encircle our planet with it.  

“Prayer is the presence that holds harmony in the midst of chaos.  Every time you pray, you add to the light and harmony of creation.  If you do not pray, if you do not believe in prayer, then you are living off the prayers of other people.”

John O’Donohue, 1956 – 2008

Pray for Peace in 2018

 We Are All Brothers and Sisters!

Mitakuye Oyasin

Be a Vitruvian Man, Be a Noble Person!

May your quest for Kalos Kagathos in 2018 be a rewarding one.