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Fifty years ago, I fished for trout in Bash Bish Brook on Mount Washington, Massachusetts with my brother.  Those were good days.  The few times I went salmon fishing in the Russian River when I lived in Alaska in the … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Jorge Bergoglio

I have a book within arm’s reach of my desk, What Did Jesus Ask?  The book is an interesting collection of essays by prominent leaders that reflect on questions that Jesus asked.  Jesus guides us with questions.  A few examples … Continue reading

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Climbing Stairs

Fly fishing a few weeks ago, I lost my balance and fell into the cold river.  My chest waders quickly filled with water, but I kept my head high and struggled to my feet.  I squished my way slowly out … Continue reading

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An Invitation to tVM Followers

It’s been 15 years since I wrote the first sentence to The Olympian, A Tale of Ancient Hellas “I was 12-years old when my father took me to my first Olympic Games.” Three years have passed since I published my seventh … Continue reading

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Washing of the Feet

As I view the pictures of Pope Francis washing prisoners’ feet yesterday, I am reminded of a passage from Jesuit James Martin’s masterpiece Jesus, A Pilgrimage … “… I never fail to think how different Christian churches would be if … Continue reading

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What Made You Happy Today?

I have been thinking about this all day.  Frequent visitors know that I listen to Pray As You Go, a spiritually reflective website produced by the Irish Jesuits.  This morning, I listened to the Examen for Children.  I shared it … Continue reading

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Human Development

I have often written about the whole man concept, a mentality nurtured during my four years as a cadet at the United States Air Force Academy.  As young men, we were schooled to be sound of heart, mind and body.  … Continue reading

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What I Believe


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What is your ‘go to’ book?  When you’ve just finished the most recent book you’ve purchased or the one you borrowed from the library or a good friend, where do you turn while you wait for the next?  While I generally … Continue reading

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Spending Time with Dvorak

All of us attending Pomeroy School in the Berkshires back in the 1950’s were required to take a class in music, this in addition to the three R’s:  readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatic.  Music was part of the curriculum through eighth grade.  … Continue reading

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