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Those who have had a positive impact on humanity.

The Rocketeer

In 1974 or so, my good friend Honi “No Baloney” Garvin and I introduced hang gliding to Alaska.  We called our worthy craft the Kansas City Nightmare.  We were Cat Stevens fans and partial to the subtitle of the Cat’s … Continue reading

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

Today, January 27, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The human race does not give proper attention and remembrance to ‘holocaust.’  If we did, the events would not repeat themselves with such regrettable regularity. On this day, we are called to … Continue reading

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Honor Peace Heroes

A Day to honor peace heroes …

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Honoring Dr. King

I approach Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with the same reverence I do Christmas and Easter.  In recent years, I have come to call it Peace Hero Day, because as I think of Dr. King, I think of other peace … Continue reading

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I was initially drawn to Bartali because his first name is Gino. My brother’s high school friend Bill Thomas first called me ‘Geno’ in 1964.  “It’s easier for fans to cheer a two-syllable name at basketball games,” he matter-of-factly explained.  … Continue reading

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Beyond Private Ryan

As I try to understand the world we live in, I learn these words from the Talmud, the central text of Rabbinic Judaism, “It was for this reason that man was first created as one person [Adam], to teach you … Continue reading

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Is God Sending You to Someone in Need?

Many years ago, I discovered a website produced by the Jesuits of Britain.  In my Father’s last months, I made a habit of waking him every morning with the daily “Pray As You Go” meditation.  After he passed, I continued … Continue reading

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A Lantern of Hope

On my recent trip to Haiti, I met a young nun from Tanzania dressed in the familiar sari of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.  Her name was sister Celeste and she had only taken her vows on December 8, five days … Continue reading

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Return from Haiti – a Pictorial Reflection

I returned at 1AM this morning from an 11-day visit to Haiti.  I was blessed to meet some exceptional peace heroes such as Patrice Millet, top ten CNN Hero in 2011 and founder of the Foundation for Perpetual Help; Louino Robillard, … Continue reading

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A Peace Hero

One of the many gifts I receive from my trips to Haiti is the realization that there are countless people who live in the direst of circumstances but refuse to let the condition of their birth dictate the direction of … Continue reading

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