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Climbing Stairs

Fly fishing a few weeks ago, I lost my balance and fell into the cold river.  My chest waders quickly filled with water, but I kept my head high and struggled to my feet.  I squished my way slowly out … Continue reading

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The Homeless Need Help

Almsgiving – with prayer and fasting – is one of the three pillars of Lent.  I believe these three Lenten practices should be part of our lives throughout the year, not just during the Lenten season.  As you think about … Continue reading

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The Rocketeer

In 1974 or so, my good friend Honi “No Baloney” Garvin and I introduced hang gliding to Alaska.  We called our worthy craft the Kansas City Nightmare.  We were Cat Stevens fans and partial to the subtitle of the Cat’s … Continue reading

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I Like the Wizard of Oz

I am pleased to report that today marks the third consecutive day that I’ve been able to ride my bike thanks in no small part to the ‘bar mitts’ that Jesse and Erica gifted to me in December. The Big … Continue reading

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The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

    Five weeks have passed since Hurricane Matthew roared through the Caribbean and up the Atlantic coastline.  We watched it closely during that first week in October as it ravaged Haiti and brought more woes to the poorest nation … Continue reading

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Around the World in 6 Years, 9 months and 4 Days

I have been looking forward to this post for quite some time …. One thing I learned from six years of intense caregiving is that I cannot and should not expect other people to live their lives the way I … Continue reading

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The Whole Man Concept

The quality of our lives is a direct reflection of our fitness in three important areas: Physical fitness Mental/Emotional fitness and Spiritual fitness As individuals, our goal is to be sound of mind, heart and body.  This is the essence … Continue reading

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Minimalism in the Second Half of Life

As I rode my bicycle yesterday morning, I pondered why we have two vehicles.  I concluded that the only reason we have two vehicles is because I leave the house at 0500 and Marie joins me 90 minutes later at … Continue reading

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Amos the Goalkeeper, A Boy with Heart

Last week, I was pleased to work with Badu, the Haitian goalkeeper coach.  Three months ago during my first trip to the Haitian Initiative training field in Cité Soleil, Badu – Micaldo Metellus – followed me as I worked with … Continue reading

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Haiti Day 6: Games of the Heart

Taking into account all of the things I do when I visit Haiti with the Haitian Initiative, by FAR, the thing I like best is the time at the fields working with the children, both at the feeding center and … Continue reading

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