About this project …


Welcome to 2015, our fifth year of The Vitruvian Man Blog (tVM blog) where we remain committed to our original intention …

 ”To create a better world with better people.”

We have covered much ground in our first four years, and though there are times when we become weary, times when we are ready to fold up our tent and bury our heads in the sand, we know that is not an option. We remain committed to serving our fellow man.  That is the right choice.  That is the only choice.

I’ve read so many stories that I can begin this website with, but I am continually drawn to this story that the late Father Anthony de Mello tells in his 1981 book The Song of the Bird in which he recounts an Arab fable from the mystic Sa’di.  As Sa’di tells the story,

A man was walking through the forest and came upon a fox that had lost its legs.  As the man pondered how the disabled animal could possibly survive, a tiger came along with meat in his mouth.  The tiger sat down and had his fill.  He left the rest for the fox with no legs.

tigerThe next day, God fed the fox by means of the same tiger.  The man was amazed at God’s greatness and said to himself, “I too shall rest in a corner with full trust in the Lord and he will provide me with all I need.”

The man did this for many days, but nothing happened.  As the starving man approached death’s door, he heard a voice say, “O you foolish man!  Open your eyes to the truth!  Follow the example of the tiger and stop imitating the disabled fox.”


Father de Mello concludes this brief chapter with his own short recollection:

On the street I saw a naked child, hungry and shivering in the cold.  I became angry and said to God, ‘Why do you permit this?  Why don’t you do something?’  For a while God said nothing.  That night God replied, quite suddenly, ‘I certainly did something.  I made you.’

As we journey through 2014, let each of us take the example from the tiger. 


Be a Vitruvian Man, Be a Noble Person!

May your quest for Kalos Kagathos in 2015 be a rewarding one.